Gameplay And Pacing

Been working hard on getting the UI and weapons to feel exactly like I had planned them to be. Everything works mostly as intended but the crucifix still has a bug that delays it a little longer than expected after use. This could be a "good" thing meta-game wise but it depends on how fast-paced the game should be in the end and if a "vulnerability" trade-off is just part of the weapon.

Currently I’m trying to decide which game influence will be the supporting structure for the rest of the game. It could be fun as a true "WolfenDoom" simulator with "Nosferatu" elements but as it currently stands… it feels a little more like "Singularity" meets "Wolfenstein" which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. May have to take certain ideas and set them aside later for perhaps what could be a two-part game. Will keep you updated.

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